Taking advantage of 5G on the construction site

The future is here and it's a whole lot faster than we thought.

The rollout of 5G infrastructure in the United States will have a profound impact on the construction industry and its technology and software that we can leverage to maximize our organization's efficiency on the job site. Clients and customers expect a snappy software solution to make choices about their projects available from a contractor's tablet or from their own mobile devices. Having to wait on your phone or tablet to load the reports and applications you need can be the biggest hurdle in breaking away from a reliance on the notepad. 2020 brings a new collection of excellent software tools tailored to the modern web with tooling built to perform on your mobile devices and the ability to quickly communicate data is more important than ever.

The sense to jot down a quick task or note about one of your projects is essential to staying on top of the inevitable obstacles of a construction project. Until recently the thought of loading up your construction management software onto your phone was unheard of or at best we find our experience to be sluggish and simply not able to compete with jotting down my notes to enter into the system when I get in front of the laptop. 5G can help us take the mobile devices we have now and start quickly and efficiently filling out our punch lists, reviewing and updating schedules, adding specifications, uploading images and documentation - even checking on purchase orders or anything else we always find ourselves running back to the laptop to look up.

Having to print off reports and punch lists to run into the field with and reference without having to run back to the desk is burdensome and requires some forethought into what information you want on hand for when you run back out into the site. Being able to get boots on the ground with a device to have a real-time look at what tasks need to be done and instant updates into when tasks are being completed or any notes and questions an employee or trade partner have as the job develops can provide invaluable insight during the day and provide a historical understanding of ways to make the most out of your team and planning. Talking through projects with clients or potential clients can be a time-consuming process without having to remember to email them some final considerations or options, with the capacity to load up a construction software on your mobile device and quickly show clients the available options and solutions to their problem can cut down on hours out of your homework.

"5G and cutting edge construction project management software have the potential to unchain you from your laptop and double entering from notepads and get back to building great things"

Taking advantage of the advances in communication technology will be essential to staying a neck ahead of the competition, the devices and software you choose to accompany it will be crucial. A mobile-friendly construction software service that is based on cloud technology will be the ticket to being able to harness the productivity and efficiency that 5G can help us accomplish. Your mobile device will be able to access the new networks available and while it will become the defacto standard in devices, as of 2020 the advice is to make sure to check before purchasing your next mobile phone or tablet that is 5G capable. 5G and cutting edge construction project management software have the potential to unchain you from your laptop and double entering from notepads and get back to building great things.