Project Management Videos

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, these project management videos will help you get your projects done on time and on budget. From tips on how to get started to advice on dealing with difficult stakeholders, you'll find everything you need to make your next project a success.

A Day in the Life of a Project Manager

From managing working from home, tools and automation, project updates and general advice - this video can help introduce you to some of the high level concepts a project manager may encounter across different fields

Project Management Basics - Part 1 [THE ULTIMATE STARTER PACK]

Welcome to your ultimate Project Management Starter pack! This series will focus on all the project manager basics you need to know for a successful introduction to project management. Part 1 will focus on understanding the basics of a 'project'. Then, in Part 2, we'll focus on the basics of 'management'. By the end of this series, you'll have all the project management basics you need to know to be on your way to becoming a successful project manager!