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Project Management Software Means Better Efficiency

At Real Build Pro, we pride ourselves in delivering affordable construction project management solutions to builders, remodelers, and specialty contractors. Cloud-based construction software packed with features to bring order to the chaos of your construction projects.

From pre-sales to a finished projects, construction software solutions make it easier than ever to deliver a professional experience to customers, helping take your business to the next level!

What is a fully featured construction management application?


Pre-sale features help businesses with all of their pre-construction needs — everything from creating accurate estimates and managing bids to tracking down leads.

Prevent prospective clients from slipping through your fingers. Track down clients ready to convert, and then win them over by standing out with a professional looking proposal.

  • perm_phone_msg Pre-qualify leads before investing time into them.
  • timeline Track lead generation sources and performance metrics.
  • filter_alt Identify prospective clients with the highest probability of converting to a sale.
  • analytics Use reports to refine marketing and sales strategies to boost revenue.
  • swap_horiz Quickly generate subcontractor bid requests from project specifications.
  • attachment Automatically attach necessary files and photos for bidders to review.
  • post_add Update estimates directly from winning bids.
  • request_quote Provide prospects with a quick and accurate estimate.
  • compare_arrows Track actual costs vs estimated costs.
  • house roject Templates to bootstrap your next estimate!
  • work_outline Send fixed cost or open book proposals to clients.
  • request_quote Close more deals with detailed and professional looking proposals.
  • assignment_turned_in Client portals to preview and accept proposals on their own time.

Construction Project Management

Most businesses struggle to manage their schedules. With construction software, managing your project schedules couldn't be easier! Project management tools help you efficiently collaborate with clients to define the scope of work, timeline, and budgets necessary to complete the project.

  • description Outline the scope of work for each of your project's specifications.
  • account_balance_wallet Define the budget required to complete the specification.
  • thumb_up_alt Create proposals from pre-defined specs and selections.
  • thumb_up_alt Share specifications with clients, trade partners, and team members, making sure everyone is on the same page.
  • assignment_ind Assign tasks to employees and trade partners, keeping your team on track.
  • attachment Attach files, photos, and notes to daily reports to ensure everyone has the information they need to get the job done.
  • filter_alt A central location to manage all your construction projects.
  • format_list_bulleted Create punch lists for employees and trade partners.
  • event_note Run critical path analysis on project timelines to find which tasks require immediate attention.
  • event_note Manage project schedules with calendar views, list views, and Gantt charts.
  • schedule Create daily agendas by scheduling specific times and dates for tasks to be completed by.
  • notifications Email and in-app notifications that keep everyone in the loop.
  • trending_up Boost productivity by ensuring everyone knows where, when, and what they should be doing.
  • monetization_on Create project budgets for specifications and selections.
  • compare_arrows Compare estimated budgets and actual costs.
  • fact_check Automatically update budgets when client selections are made.
  • analytics Budget tracking to help you keep your profits!
  • folder Store and organize plans, documents, photos, and videos in one location.
  • share Choose files and photos to share with clients and trade partners.
  • mobile_friendly Access important documents on-the-go from mobile devices.
  • mobile_friendly Keep your files stored on our secure servers for as long as needed after the job is done.
  • forum Collaborate with clients and trade partners on specs and selections directly in the app.
  • textsms Organize conversations for specifications, budgets, tasks, and more!
  • message Check the comments on specifications and other items to prevent miscommunication.
  • forum Keep your team on the same page with daily logs.
  • textsms Let team members contribute notes to your daily job logs.
  • message Selectively share the contents of job logs with clients!

Financials For Contractors and Builders

Continue growing your business by utilizing the softwares financial features to ensure you stay on budget and generate a profit!

  • send Create and send purchase orders to subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers.
  • check_box Prevent unwanted purchases with purchase orders.
  • check_box Track the approval and payment status of purchase orders.
  • analytics Purchase orders help you track committed costs to better understand where the money is going.
  • perm_phone_msg Manage expectations of customers who always want more.
  • track_changes Document changes to the originally accepted proposal.
  • request_quote Use change orders to help portray additional costs to clients.
  • thumb_up_alt Ensure all parties involved are treated fairly.
  • analytics Track bills and credits accrued during the project lifecycle.
  • fact_check Track the payment status of each bill to determine what has been paid and what is still owed.
  • compare_arrows Quickly compare actual costs against project budgets.
  • thumb_up_alt Get paid faster!
  • request_quote Create new invoices in just a few clicks.
  • fact_check Progress invoicing that helps prevent you from going months without a paycheck!
  • fact_check Track the status of invoices across all of your projects.
  • alarm_on Give up the time cards! Let employees clock in and out directly in the app!
  • gps_fixed GPS coordinates help make sure employees are in the right location when they clock in and out.
  • timer Keep track of which employees are currently clocked in.
  • timer Keep track of time spent on each project!
  • verified Build customer loyalty and protect your reputation.
  • question_answer Manage client warranty requests in one place.
  • contact_support Client warranty requests.
  • notifications Instant notifications when customers issue a warranty requests.
  • style Simplify your client selection process.
  • account_tree Client selection templates for quick estimates.
  • login Give clients access to their own project!
  • attachment Upload files, photos, and videos for clients to view, download, or share with both family and friends!
  • question_answer Communicate with clients directly inside the app.
  • add_comment Keep a history of conversations with clients on specs, selections, budgets, photos and more!
  • mark_chat_read Keep all of your communications in one place.
  • mark_chat_read Avoid the "he said, she said" conversations by utilizing in-app communication!

Construction Software On All Devices

Keep everyone up to speed without leaving the job site

Responsive and mobile friendly applications let you take your business on the go whether you're using a phone, tablet, or laptop.

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